Sunday, September 20, 2009

Views, Displays and Pendants!

Good Morning all :) What a lovely, but windy, day it is today. I can hear the ferns and trees that are close to the house, scratching against the walls. It sounds eerie at night time but I quite like the sound during the day. Look at the gorgeous view I am able to look at everyday from one of my office windows.

I am pretty lucky where I am currently living, it's so lovely and peaceful out here. I have to move in a couple of months though, unfortunately, and I just hope that I can get somewhere that is just as nice :) I thought I should try and take some more pictures before we have to move, for memories sake.

This morning when I got up I managed to take a semi-decent pic of my jewellery display. The sun doesn't hit my side of the house early in the day, so it's still not the best photo, but it'll give you an idea as to what it looks like.

As you can see, the display is pretty chockablock with earrings, so a larger one is definitely needed! But nevertheless, I will soon be offering these for sale. Not sure whether or not they will be made to order, or if I'll make a heap up yet or not... but you too, will soon be able to get your hands on one of these beauties ;) hehe

I'm heading out for the afternoon, so my pendants should all be dry and ready for their second coat tomorrow. Getting excited about having them all finished :) For some odd reason though, on a couple of them, the paper has cracked underneath. It looks quite cool, but I'll need to work out why that's happening so it doesn't do it in the future!

Here they are, drying on my desk. I seriously need a bigger desk!

The chores aren't doing themselves this weekend (no matter how hard I wish!) so it's off to do that for a couple of hours before heading out to enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy your Sunday x

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