Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank god for Seam Rippers!

I've had yet another fantastically productive couple of days, and am feeling really good about where things are headed. My initial plan was to work on one project at a time, but as you can tell, I haven't really done that. I've got so many things I want to make, that once I have made one prototype I have the urge to go onto the next. But today I was a good girl! Apart from stopping in at Spotlight on my way home (and getting some bargains!) I managed to stick to my plan and get a heap of headbands done. I've altered their shape slightly, as the first one I did was a bit too wide at the base and stuck out a little bit when you wore it. I'm really happy with the new style :) Due to the time, I have had to put the sewing machine to sleep, as I don't want to iritate my flatmates until the early hours of the morning, so I am just going to spend a bit more time cutting and prepping them ready for assembly in the morning.

I had a bit of a crabby evening on the sewing machine yesterday arvo, because I was working on my sandwich bag and snack bag prototype and the damned thing just wouldn't go together how I wanted it to. My seam ripper got one hell of a work out! I ended up scrapping in my original design, and creating a new more sewing machine friendly one. Once I have completed a collection of headbands, I'll get to work on getting the re-usable bags done.

When I was at Spotlight today I picked up so much fabulous material, but there was one in particular that I love to bits. As I have no doubt mentioned previously, Green is most absolute favourite colour, but I am also very partial to Brown. The material is a lush brown with blue and yellowy green flowers and patterns on it and I am dying to use it as a lining to one of my handbags that are in planning. I am thinking about getting some beige or natural coloured fabric for the exterior of the bag, but haven't completely decided yet. I'm going to try and avoid Spotlight for at least 3 days so that I can use up the materials that I already have. Will see how that plan goes ;)

My fave fabric at the mo!

Another bit of exciting news (for me anyway!) is that my glass bits and pieces arrived for my other pendant range I am doing. I've put them aside for now though whilst I am on a mad sewing buzz and will probably pull them out next week to have a play.

One last little note before I get back to cutting and hopefully sleeping at some point, is that I am very excited to learn about a new craft market that is starting in Bayswater. You can never have too many craft markets so I wish them all the best and hope it is a success, so that they continue them. The market is called Love Handmade and is starting up in November. I'll definitely be getting in an application for that! I'm also going to apply for Kraftbomb and the Devonport Craft Markets in their next open applications so wish me luck :)

Evening all x

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