Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A beautiful day for making things

Well my first lot of supplies arrived in the post yesterday afternoon, how exciting! It was a good thing that I had my course to go to last night or else I would have sat up all hours playing with them. Anyway, I got up reasonably early and after checking emails and Facebook (priorities people! hehe) I have now started working on the first of my pendants. I have been wanting to make these for so long now and am really pleased to have had such a creative burst this last couple of months. It has definitely spurred me on to get back into it.

Here is a little picture of my wee workstation (I really need a bigger designing space!).

I have had my selection of gorgeous scrapbooking paper (after my lil shopping spree at NZ Scrapbook last week) just sitting here, waiting to be turned into something. I can tell that my obsession with paper is only going to get worse over the coming months as I start to work on all my different product ranges.

The warm sun beaming through my window is just delightful this morning, so I think I will trim these pendants and then go and make a coffee and soak up some rays. Best make the most of it before the unpredictable kiwi weather decides it's had enough sunshine for the day and becomes overcast.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day :)

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