Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunshine and Beach walks

Spring is definitely, by far, my most favourite time of year. I absolutely love the warm sunshine and cool breeze. Today was one of those glorious days!

This morning I managed to find a tyre place that is actually open on a Sunday (Kudos to Archers Tyres in Glenfield!) so I could put my embarrassing yellow space saver, back into its hidden compartment in my boot. I then made my way to Takapuna for a lovely walk down to the beach, along the beach to the cafe at the boat ramp for a coffee, and back again. It's a nice decent walk, and I was able to get a decent dose of Vitamin D along the way. Walking is a great way to think about things. I spent my walk planning out what designs I am going to work on next, and which prototypes I am going to make tomorrow. I've spent the last month or so compiling a list of ideas and designs of things I would like to make, and have had a few suggestions from friends as to what they would like, so I am certainly not short on inspiration at the moment.

This afternoon I made templates and sketches for some headbands, business card wallets, clutches and a few other goodies, so I am keen to start testing them out of my sewing machine tomorrow. I very much doubt I will get all the prototypes made, but I'll give it my best shot!

Yikes, look at the time! I think I need to get some shut eye so I can be bright as a button in the morning for an early productive start. Night all :)

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