Friday, September 18, 2009

Goodies to make Goodies!

Well I am back from my shopping trip with lots of new supplies :) It's actually quite an exhausting experience... but I love every minute of it! Here is a little sneak peak at some of the goodies I purchased this afternoon.

Yes, that is indeed a staple gun in the picture! It's (possibly) to help me make my jewellery display. I've measured, cut and sanded my pieces of wood (all by hand!) ready to go and am now trying to work out the logistics of actually assembling it! hehe. I have no doubt that it will be absolutely fabulous when I am finished though ;)

I have also spent a bit of time today working on my collection of wooden pendants. They are coming along really nicely, I am very pleased. The round ones are proving a slight challenge, so I am thinking of investing in a paper punch to aid in making them! I will post some pictures once they are nearer to completion.

Phew, what a busy week it has been. I doubt it will be a restful weekend, as I have so many new goodies that I will want to keep creating! It is going to be a GREAT weekend :)

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