Monday, September 21, 2009

A productive afternoon :)

What better way to spend a windy, grey, miserable day, than to be inside cutting and sewing? I personally can't think of anything better! I am testing out the templates that I have made up, and I am pretty pleased with how they have turned out. There was a few little hiccups incurred that will need to be rectified in the next ones I make, but for a first attempt they're not too shabby.
Of course, the headband is such a basic design it'd be pretty poor of me to stuff that up. So here we have one of the styles of headbands I am going to be making.

This style headband is fairly wide, and is reversible. It has some pretty ribbon to tie it nicely at the back. My initial plan was to sew the ribbon right across the outside of the headband, but I completely forgot that I needed to do that before I stitched the two sides together! My bad. Oh well, I will try that idea out next time.
I saw some neat business card wallets when I was in Melbourne last year and I just had to try making them for myself. You could even use it as a mini wallet for when you go out, with your ATM cards and ID in it.

 I also picked up a little bit more fabric on my way home this morning (just couldn't resist stopping at Spotlight!) and when I got home I discovered that it was actually cheaper than I thought. Here I was thinking I was paying about $18 or $20 a metre for fabric, and it actually was only about half that. Score! I am glad that I didn't know that until I got home, or I would have certainly spent more money and time getting more. hehe
Now I am trying to decide on what to make next... so will get back to it, and post another blog soon x


  1. Mmm...I'm liking those card wallets! I tried making reversible headbands for Kraftbomb last Christmas and realized (stupidly on the day) that people have different sized heads so even when you use an elasticated band at the bottom, it is NOT a one size fits all kinda thing! Ribbon is much smarter! :)

  2. Ah yes, I do have some designs for some elastic ones too... but with the issue of everyones different sizing, it could prove difficult. Perhaps I will have to keep those to "made to order" hehe