Friday, September 18, 2009

Bed is a creative thinking place

I love that section of time from the point of opening your eyes in the morning, to the point where you actually get up. I do alot of thinking in that space. This morning I was lying in bed looking at my dismal attempt of making an earring display on the wall (I didn't have the right materials when I made it, so I just botched something together!) and started brainstorming on ways I could improve it. A friend of mine has made some really cool earring displays and he was trying to think of a solution with being able to get them small enough to be able to post. I think I may have just come up with a solution!

I grabbed my notepad which was sitting by my bed (I always keep it handy, you never know when an idea will strike!) and did a little rough sketch of my idea. Had a brief think about how I will put it together and possible problems I may face, and I have now compiled a list of materials needed. I intend on being completely prepared for construction this time!

Supplies shopping is usually a day long affair for me, so I ALWAYS make sure I bring a little list along to ensure I get all of the bits and pieces I need. Of course, there is always truck loads of extras added whilst I am browsing and becoming inspired, but a list is always a good place to start. Don't you hate it when you go and get all (or what you think is all) the bits and pieces you need to make something, get home, start creating, only to discover you have indeed missed a vital component. Frustrating as ever!

On that note, I am just revising my shopping list and am about to head out for the day. I'll be sure to post some piccies on my return xx

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