Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Weekend and a long short week!

I have been busting to write a blog for over a week now, since the long weekend, but I have been so busy getting ready for the markets that I literally haven't had time! So this will be an overview of the last week and a half.

My long weekend was absolutely delightful. I went away with my partner and his family for a relaxing few days in the Coromandel. It was really nice being away from internet, computers and phones for a change. I am technology fiend (and a slight workaholic) and usually feel really lost without it, but it's nice every once in a while to be forced to actually relax. We stayed in a lovely bach just north of Whitianga, and the weather was divine.

The sunset on the drive there and the lovely beach we were staying on

We were lucky enough to be there on the day of the market, and there was some great stalls there. One that I particularly loved was a very talented crafter that made things out of cutlery. There was jewellery, modified cutlery and little critters. They were absolutely delightful and I just had to get a picture to show you all.

Some clever creations by a gentleman named Martin Jakowitsch

I also scored myself some gorgeous fabric that I will be turning into some new designs very soon :)

Stunning satin and some lovely 100% cotton

Once I was back in Auckland, it was back to the grindstone getting ready for my first market — the Devonport Craft Market. Because it was my first market, as you can imagine, there was LOADS of preparation that needed to be done. I had to organise everything from packaging, to displays to my float. Not to mention I needed to make sure I had enough stock! In the end it all came together and I was ready for the market (at 1.30am the morning of the market!?!)

A sneak peak on what was for sale... and my packaging


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