Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Never moving house again

I'm finally all moved into my new place, and just today finished all my unpacking. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and say that I never want to do that again. Mind you, I do love new houses... I just don't like the moving process. It always takes way longer than you anticipate.

It has been an eventful last week with a bit of beading, a bit of sewing, a lot of packing and a lot of cleaning. A couple of weeks ago my now ex-flatmate commissioned me to make some watches for her family and friends as gifts for Christmas. It was quite fun playing with beads again for a change. I think of how many hours I used to spend a day creating jewellery, and how now I am surrounded by an endless choice of beads and I barely make anything. I've made a promise to myself that I will make one new piece of jewellery a week for the rest of the year — and I will post a pic each week :)

One of the watches with its little black organza gift bag

There has been one little guy who has been absolutely loving that we have moved into a new house, with so much more room and a lovely garden to explore. Buddha has spent hours entertaining himself with empty boxes that are lying around the new house. It's hilarious to watch him jumping in and out and throwing himself around inside them! He also has loved the fab window sills that he can lie on to soak up some rays.

My new business cards arrived this week aswell, which is very exciting! Looking forward to being able to hand them out at the Devonport Craft Markets on Sunday Nov 1st.

My snazzy new business cards

Had a bit of an urge to crank up my sewing machine this evening and make a couple of new little bits for my new place. I had nowhere to put my plastic bags so I made a little bag holder to hang in the cupboard. I also altered a couple of tea towels that I picked up from Briscoes on the weekend for 50c (Bargain!) and made them into handtowels with buttons tabs to attach them to the cupboard handles.

So after a busy week and little sleep, I now feel ready to get crafty again. I have bought myself a table to use as my sewing desk, that I pick up on Thursday night and once I have that all setup my office/craft room will be complete. Can't wait!

K x

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