Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mairuru - An inspiring blog

Recently I happened upon a lovely blog called Mairuru which is written by a Japanese girl named Mai. I am absolutely hooked. It is clear that English is not her first language, but that is one of the things I love most about the blog — the style in which she writes. I find her blogs fascinating and once I start reading I find it difficult to stop.

She is a very unique crafter that literally hand sews everything. Her patience must be amazing, as the detail and work that goes into each item she makes is impeccable.

I'd love to post some pictures of her creations, but wouldn't want to do that without her permission so you'll need to check out her blog. She also sells on Etsy, so you can check out some of her items on there.

As well as blogging about her crafts and love of craft, she also blogs about her day — often including what she has cooked that day. She looks like a fantastic cook and reading about her yummy Japanese lunches that she makes always makes me hungry. I also particularly love the photos of her neighbourhood and the beautiful local dog she passes most days in her travels, Bo-chan.

Her blog includes many tutorials for the neat things she makes and I could honestly sit and read it all day. People like Mai inspire me.

Definitely a blog to check out!

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