Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Auckland Craft Collective is here

After much anticipation (okay, so perhaps just from Jess and myself, but still!) the Auckland Craft Collective is finally born.

What began as a discussion with Jessica of Bam Bam Creative about the Auckland crafty community and a couple of suggestions for ways to help bring it together, ended with the creation of this fabulous idea. It had been Jess' intention for quite a few months to try to connect all the craft peeps of Auckland together to form a support group. Okay so perhaps not in the "I need help" sense, but more in the "I'm sure there is ways we can help each other" sense. And for me — anything that involves craft and business, you count me in!

So we've had a very busy and productive time putting our plans on paper and deciding what it is exactly that will be offered. We are super excited about it and hope that you all will be too. Our mission is to provide practical business support to the Auckland craft community. We 110% welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas, as the Auckland Craft Collective is about everyone in the crafting community — and that includes YOU!

You can read up on what it's all about on the blog and keep updated with all the happenings by following on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook. That way you are sure to not miss out on any progress!


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