Sunday, October 11, 2009

A busy week ahead

It's been a fabulous weekend that started with a fun night out in West Auckland for my BFF's birthday (continued on from her lunch on Tuesday) on Friday. It was my first night out, out West and what an eventful evening it was. We weren't allowed to leave the bar when we wanted to because there had been a supposed armed robbery. So for our own safety we had to stay until the police gave everyone clearance to leave. It my have just been a ploy to keep the numbers up at the bar, but either way, it made my first "westie" experience a memorable one.

 Me with three of my best girls
I was so excited to receive my email in my inbox last night letting me know that I had been accepted into the Devonport Craft Market on Nov 1st. It'll be my first market I've attended for Skipapple so it's going to be great fun. Hopefully I do well, but I am just looking forward to getting back into the markets again. It'd be fabulous if you would all come along and say hello, and what better place to do some of your Christmas shopping? There will be loads of fabulous stalls full of clever crafty creations, so there will be no shortage of choice.

In other big news, I am moving house this week and I am definitely not looking forward to all the packing! I have started, but there is still so much to do. Thankfully I am not moving too far, so a few trips backwards and forwards in the car isn't too bigger deal. Some of you may already know, but to those who don't, I also have my own online beading supplies business which I am currently re-structuring and clearing a lot of current stock from. So as you can imagine, I have A LOT of stock that needs to be shifted from my current place to my new place. I've tried to clear some of it off on Trademe recently, and whilst I've been selling a lot, it's barely made a dent in my stock. That is the bit I am dreading moving the most.

One thing I haven't packed is my sewing machine (who is back home and all better now) and I have an urge to crank her up tonight and make some more goodies in preparation for the Devo markets. On that note... I am signing off.

Speak to you all soon enough xx


  1. All the best for your move , I don't envy you at all .

  2. It was lovely to meet you at Devonport. I am wearing my puppy necklace right now and the dog is very impressed!